How We Work

When working on advergame projects, we at Epicon Technologies understand that from a company’s point of view games are not just for playing. Clients even in the same business category can have different advertising needs. This also depends on what the primary objective is. If it’s a product launch, brand awareness campaign or new market entry, the function and tone of the game would have to be designed to produce the desired effect for best results. We are quite good at the bespoke approach. Our designers are very much into building games that stand out from the rest. Games that prompt the user to share their experience.

The brief doesn’t get worked on until the client’s needs are fully understood. We then work on the game design, presenting it to the customer along with some concept drawings to better illustrate what the game will be like. As needed, we work with the customer in this phase to make any necessary adjustments.

Once the design is validated, what follows is a continuous cycle of development and testing while the art assets are being created. Being open and transparent, the customer has access to the daily snapshot of the game and may make comments. Upon final validation and rigorous testing, the game is launched.


how we work


Epicon Technologies – A World Of Difference

What sets us apart? For starters, we are an agile and nimble company with tentacles spread out to other hand picked partners and a very strong network.

We are proactive with tried and tested ideas to produce maximum results. A major incentive we offer is the consultative approach, where we understand your brief and offer concepts and ideas to further enrich your campaign. Our developers are skilled with the ability to create games of balance, where advertising is never intrusive to game play but blends in seamlessly.

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